Grants: 2000-2001

Between the summer of 2000 and the Spring of 2001, SEF gave $10,000 in awards ranging from $100 to $2,000. We gave a block of awards to prison book programs across the US and also focused some funding on Philadelphia groups as part of our commitment to being based in Philly.

*please note: descriptions date back to 2001.

African-American Images, Chicago, IL
AAI publishes and distributes books of an Africentric nature that promote self-esteem, collective values, liberation and skill development.

American Story Project
Young people traveled the US using inexpensive hi-tech equipment to interview a wide cross-section of people about American politics and broadcast the interviews over the internet.

BILALKOR, Pakistan
BILALKOR is a non-govermental organization (NGO) in Pakistan which runs a vocational center and school focused on children who are abused by the realities of child labor.

Black Radical Congress, Philadelphia, PA
On March 31, 2001 the Philly chapter of the BRC, in coalition with the Criminal Justice Program at the American Friends Service Committee and the Brown Collective hosted a day-long conference on “Education Not Incarceration.”

Books Through Bars, Philadelphia, PA
A books-to-prisoners group that also does work to educate others about the need for education programs in prisons.

Books to Prisoners, Seattle/Olympia, WA & Portland, OR

Civic Media Center, Gainesville, FL
Community Alternative-Media Center.

Estacion Libre
This program sends North American activists of color to Chiapas, Mexico.

Heterosexual Infected Persons Support, Philadelphia, PA
A support group for men and women living with HIV/AIDS, who did not find the support and community they needed at the many AIDS services operating out of LBBT-oriented community resources.

Inside Books, Austin, TX
The only prison book program that works exclusively with those imprisoned in the state of Texas.

Mothers Organized Against Police Terror, Philadelphia, PA
MOAPT is an organization made up of “parents who have lost children, one way or another, to police brutality.” MOAPT may no longer be active.

Pathfinder Learning Center now called North Star Self-Directed Learning Center for Teens, Hadley, MA.
A community center for teenagers who choose not to go to school.

Pentridge Children’s Garden, Philadelphia, PA
A community-run garden in West Philadelphia open during the summer for neighborhood kids.

Philadelphia Direct Action Group, Philadelphia, PA
This group worked to organize community education and resistance to the Republican National Convention in 2000 and to call attention to the crisis of over-incarceration in the US.

The Philadelphia Student Union, Philadelphia, PA
PSU is a youth run organization committed to making real changes in schools, giving young people a voice in the issues that affect them, and teaching young people the leadership skills that they will need to become lifelong community activists.

Prison Activist Resource Center, Berkeley, CA
An information clearing-house and organizing center for prison activists.

Prison Literature Project, San Francisco, CA 

An exhibition of books designed and made by artists, independently published books and “zines” (magazines) traveling by way of Airstream Trailer throughout North America and Canada.

Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide, Atlanta, Georgia
A broad-based community-driven membership organization that develops popular political and economic education and action research for organizing and progressive social change.

School Of Unity and Liberation, Oakland, CA
A training center to develop a new multi-racial generation of young organizers — especially young women, young people of color, working-class youth and queer youth–who will have the skills and the vision they need to struggle for liberation.

Textbooks For Chiapas
Educators in Mexico’s Chiapan community, 17 de Noviembre, have designed a reading primer in the indigenous language Tojolobal which provides an excellent introduction to reading and writing. These textbooks can now be printed for a dollar.

Voices in the Wilderness, Chicago, IL
A nonviolent peace group which conscientiously objects to the sanctions on Iraq.

Whispered Media, San Francisco, CA
A collective of self-educated Video/Independent Media Activists who have worked together since 1996 to create documentaries and videos which aim to inspire people to take action.

Women’s Prison Book Program, Minneapolis MN
The only books-to-prisoners project that works exclusively with women prisoners.

Youth United for Change, Philadelphia, PA
YUC organizes high-school students in Philadelphia to work on education reform issues from the inside.


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