Grants: 2004

*please note: descriptions date back to 2004.

Black Mesa Water Coalition, Flagstaff, AZ
Black Mesa extends into both the Diné (Navajo) and Hopi reservations, in northeastern Arizona. This area has been the center of many environmental and social injustices. The continued destruction of Diné and Hopi traditional homelands is endangering the cultural survival of our people and is largely contributing to the many challenges our youth face. Black Mesa Water Coalition (BMWC) has been working to end Peabody Coal Company’s wasteful use of scarce & sacred ground-water. BMWC is calling for a transition to renewable energy practices and sources. BMWC is calling for a transition to more sustainable employment and economic sources.

Centro Pedro Claver, Philadelphia, PA
Centro Claver’s mission is to contribute to the overall stability, vitality and untapped wealth in the Franklinville community. CPC’s vision is to revitalize this community by promoting leadership, problem solving, community pride, home ownership, reinvestment, physical improvements, advocacy, comprehensive community planning, and youth programs.

Community Youth Organizing Campaign, Philadelphia PA
The Community Youth Organizing Campaign¹s (CYOC) was founded in May of 2003 by a pan-Asian group of 12 youth and two adults. Our mission is to develop the leadership abilities of youth to organize their own working class communities of color to fight for self-determination and social justice. Our vision of social justice is carried out through our emphasis on building the capacity of indigenous leadership to organize and challenge the power structure in their communities and in larger society. Although we are a new organization, CYOC recent immigrant and refugee youth have been engaged in long term organizing in their own working class communities of color for over three years. Originally housed in another organization, the  youth leaders founded the CYOC out of a deep-rooted commitment to continue to fight for social change in their communities: Chinatown and South Philadelphia.

DRUM- Desis Rising Up and Moving, Jackson Heights, NY
Founded in 1999 by low-income South Asians, DRUM is an intergenerational, community-based social justice organization of immigrant detainees, their families, and low-income South Asian immigrant communities and youth in New York City. Their mission is to organize immigrant families and youth to halt an expanding detention and deportation system, and to organize low-income South Asian immigrants (including youth) to gain access to broader immigrant rights.

Desi is a common term used by people of South Asian descent to identify as people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and parts of the diaspora including Africa, England, Fiji, Guyana, and Trinidad.  DRUM currently has four program areas to further the mission: the Immigrant Justice Program, YouthPower! (including the youth-run media project, Desi Reel Newz), Third World Resistance, and, since 9/11, the emergency Community Self-Defense Campaign.

No One is Illegal Montreal
The slogan “No one Is Illegal” is used by people defending those who live without papers and without status. No One is Illegal Montreal addresses the plight of refugees and immigrants in Canada and abroad. NOII works alongside self-organized migrant groups such as the Action Committee of Non-Status Algerians, Action Committee of Pakistani Refugees, and Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees.

The Philadelphia County Coalition for Prison Health Care
The Philadelphia County Coalition for Prison Health Care (PCCPHC) works with inmates, families, and former inmates to improve the quality of the healthcare that inmates and detainees receive within the Philadelphia Prison System, and to push for better continuity of care for inmates upon release.  We advocate on the behalf of individual inmates to resolve specific concerns and grievances, while also pushing the City and elected officials to enact long term, systemic changes.  To this end, we both take leadership from and help build and support the leadership skills of former inmates and their family members within the Coalition.

Public School Notebook, Philadelphia, PA
The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent quarterly newspaper that serves as a voice for parents, students, teachers, and other members of the community who are working for quality and equality in Philadelphia’s public schools. The mission of the Notebook is to promote informed public involvement in the Philadelphia public schools and to contribute to the development of a strong movement for educational change in the city. It is distributed free of charge through each Philadelphia public school and Free Library branch as well as through over 280 community organizations. Each issue of the Notebook focuses on a theme of vital importance to public education in Philadelphia and contains both news and commentary in English and Spanish.

Quilombo NYC
Quilombo NYC aims to build a broader base of working class youth of color engaged in collective struggle for social justice. To that end they use popular education and theatre of the oppressed methodologies to facilitate a process by which youth draw connections between their lived experiences with oppression and resistance to a rich history of community organizing against a matrix of systems of oppression. The purpose is to introduce activism and organizing as viable possibilities for youth to engage in to change the world we live in and to continue to provide support to youth engaged in struggle for social justice. Quilombo Summer is our six-week intensive introduction to social justice work for working class youth of color who express interest in these issues but who have not been actively involved in any grassroots or radical organizations before. The program is youth-centered and facilitates participants through a process of reflection and sharing through dialogue, writing, theatre, and art to better understand the world we live in.

Right to Know Committee, Philadelphia, PA
The Right to Know Committee is a community based organization consisting of former workers, supporters and family members of the Defense Personnel Support Center, former residents of Passyunk homes, and South Philadelphia community residents. RTKC’s goals are to track those who have been exposed to toxic releases and empower these victimes through education and organize residents to impact these issues.

Women’s Prison Book Project, Minneapolis, MN
Since 1994, the Women’s Prison Book Project (WPBP) has provided women in prison with free reading materials covering a wide range of topics from law and education to politics, history, and women’s health. WPBP is an all-volunteer organization that recognizes that prisons and the entire “justice” system are about controlling and suppressing the lives/movements of the poor, women, and people of color.


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