Advisory Board

(Bio Notes are from 2000)

Amadee Braxton,  Philadelphia, PA
Amadee is a Philadelphia-based, independent filmmaker, political activist, and fundraiser whose life-long commitment to social change informs her creative work. Braxton’s first experience in filmmaking was as lead researcher of the Emmy-nominated research team for Louis Massiah’s PBS documentary, W.E.B. Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices (1996). She was an archival researcher on Cheryl Dunye’s groundbreaking feature film, Watermelon Woman (1997); and later directed, co-wrote, and edited the educational health video, Teens On Sex (1998). She is now in the production phase of her own project, Ladies Spin (w.t.), a documentary on women dee-jays. She also is a Segment Producer as well as an Associate Producer for the Haiti Film Project, an independent documentary production on the history of U.S.-Haiti relations due to air on PBS in 2005. In addition to her work as a filmmaker, Braxton is a committed political activist. She serves as the National Chair of the Black Radical Congress (BRC), an organization working to promote education, dialogue, and action around critical issues concerning people of African descent particularly and the human rights of all people.

Adriyel Paymer, Atlanta, GA
Lifelong Homeschooler. Adriyel was the third SEF working-board member and our first mebmistress. All of our webdesigners have been self-educated in the tech skills.

Reed Colfax,  Washington, DC
Director of the Fair Housing Project at the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. Reed also works the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. He is the son of David and Micki Colfax, who have documented their homeschool family in several books. Reed is co-author of one of these books,
Hard Times in Paradise.

Paula Penn-Nabrit & Charles Nabrit, Columbus, OH
Paula is author of the books
As For Me and My House and  Morning by Morning, about homeschooling her sons.  A lawyer, Paula has also written two other books: SANKOFA: Look to Your Past Forgotten Heritage (A Christian Rite of Passage for African-American Males) and Exploring a New Synthesis: Business Ethics & Diversity (An African-American Female Perspective in Essays and Cases)

Together, Paula and Charles direct Penn-Nabrit and Associates (PN &A), a Management Consulting Services specializing in executive leadership enhancement, transitioning strategies for mid-level  managers, and core competencies for employees.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Los Angeles, CA
Hungarian-born polymath thinker and the Davidson Professor of Management at the Claremont Graduate University. His research and theories in the psychology of optimal experience have revolutionized psychology, and have been adopted in practice by national leaders such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair as well as top members of the global executive elite who run the world’s major corporations. Csikzentmihalyi is the author of several popular books about his theories, the bestselling
Flow: The Psychology Of Optimal Experience; The Evolving Self: A Psychology For The Third Millennium; Creativity:Finding Flow; and Good Business: Leadership, Flow and the Making of Meaning. The Wall Street Journal has listed Flow among the six books “every well-stocked business library should have.”

Zakia Shabazz, Richmond, VA
Zakia Rafiqa Shabazz is an author, educator, lecturer and homeschooling mother of five. She is the founder and director of Shabazz Academy and since 1996, has headed a mobile Reading is Fundamental, (RIF), project that provides free books and motivation to inner city children.

In 1996 Mrs. Shabazz, discovered that her son, Zaki, had been poisoned by lead. This discovery prompted her to establish the Virginia Chapter of United Parents Against Lead, (UPAL National), and to write an account of her family’s struggles with lead poisoning in her book entitled, A Child is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Under her direction the national non-profit organization has grown to include 25 state chapters and affiliates around the country. In 1998 Mrs. Shabazz, was named Co-Executive Director of UPAL National, which has become solely her responsibility since January 2002. UPAL National holds the distinction of being the premier parents’ organization advocating for children and against lead poisoning and other environmental hazards.

Chloe Eudaly, Portland, OR
Chloe is the founder of Reading Frenzy Bookstore. From their website: “Founded in 1994, Reading Frenzy is devoted to supporting, promoting and disseminating independent and alternative media, with a focus on arts, culture, politics, comics, girl’s stuff, queer notions, and quality smut. We stock thousands of hard to find titles from around the country, host dozens of literary and art events every year, and support local community organizations who share our goals of fostering freedom of speech, information and creative expression.”

Susannah Scheffer, Boston, MA
Susannah was Growing Without Schooling’s longest-serving editor. She is also the author of:
A Life Worth Living: Selected Letters of John Holt, Writing Because We Love To: Homeschoolers At Work, and A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls.

Timothea Howard, Washington, DC
Timothea Howard is a community, labor and cultural organizer and trainer. She served as a labor organizer with the American Federation of Teachers, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-Council 31, International Brotherhood of Teamsters and as a campus recruiter for the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute. In 1998, she joined the staff of the National Organizers Alliance as the Senior Organizer. Timothea is a Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Next Generation Leadership Program. In 2000, with funds from the Foundation, she founded and directs At Home in the World, a neighborhood based support group for low-income women of color living in the Columbia Heights/Shaw area of Washington, DC.)

Carl Upchurch,  Columbus, OH
Author of
Convicted in the Womb, Upchurch was an elementary school dropout who grew up in South Philadelphia, a gang member, and a bank robber. He is a now a community organizer, teacher, and civil rights activist. In 1993, Upchurch organized a summit that brought together the country’s most notorious gangs.

Grace Llewellyn, Oakland, CA
Grace is author of the unschooler’s bible,
Teenage Liberation Handbook, and editor of Real Lives: eleven teenagers who don’t go to school and Freedom Challenge: African American Homeschoolers. She co-authored (with Amy Silver) Guerrilla Learning: how to get your kids a real education with or without school. Grace also directs “Not Back to School Camp,”a weeklong gathering for unschooled teenagers.

Billy Wimsatt
Billy was co-founder of The Self-Education Foundation with me. He published No More Prisons: Urban Life, Homeschooling, Hip Hop Leadership, The Cool Rich Kids Movement, A Hitch-hikers Guide to Community Organizing, and Why Philanthropy is the Greatest Art Form of the 21st Century. Already known for his self-published book Bomb the Suburbs, Wimsatt’s tour with No More Prisons hyped The Self-Education Foundation to a national audience and built connections with leaders around the country, many of whom agreed to join this Advisory Board list.

Mike Males, Los Angeles, CA
Author of 
Scapegoat Generation: America’s War on Adolescents and Framing Youth: Ten Myths about the Next Generation.

Mary Jane Yurchak, Ed.D, New York City, NY
Head of Poughkeepsie Day School. Former Head of University of Chicago Laboratory School.

Karl Muth, Chicago, IL
Karl was also a co-founding Board Member of The Self-Education Foundation. His experiences as a self-educator are documented in his book,

Erin Zipper (“Zip”), Portland, OR
Zip was a leading and under-18 member of the youth lib group KIDS, which SEF gave a grant to. Zip kept us connected with youth-lib happenings and cool groups.

Rishi Nath, Chicago, IL
Rishi runs Raptivism Records, a small Brooklyn-based record label that put out the CD “No More Prisons” at the same time Billy Wimsatt’s book was released. The CD raised money for nonprofit Prison Moratorium Project (PMP). Nath is on the board of PMP.


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